The day of the man's death. First release of Gyakusatsu, solo project of Persona's band member Òscar. 47 minutes of harsh noise, drone and death industrial. Based upon violence, sex perversions and religion. Pro cdr with postcard, band's logo sticker and iron key holder with the name of the band. Limited edition 33 handnumbered copies.



Inconnu Ictu / Gyakusatsu / To-Bo / Misantronics - Split Fight 014.

Industrial Noise Records.

1 Inconnu Ictu - Ogdoad 5:14

2 Gyakusatsu - The Eternal Noise (Part 1) 5:24

3 To-Bo - Condor 1:51

4 Misantronics - Hypocrisy 3:48


Free Download Version.

GYAKUSATSU "The Death Of A Conscience". Mini-CDr. Mini album by this new Spanish act, GYAKUSATSU, Death Industrial / Noise with Power Electronics influences. After their debut "The Day Of The Man's Death" on the Spanish label MARBRE NEGRE this project formed by a member of PERSONA develops here another fine incursion into sick sides of the disgusting human nature, death, psychopatics, obssessing sadistics... and particularly focusing on the abuse of women and violence against them. Pro Mini-CDr packaged in black mini dvd case. 4 tracks / 18 minutes Length.


RONF Records.

Marco Corbelli’s TRIBUTE SONG.

The song included as a tribute for Marco Corbelli’s 3rd death anniversary is made by Gyakusatsu band and is called “We do not forget you”. It has been made using different samples of Corbelli’s songs (Atrax Morgue and Mörder Machine) and also the lyrics are Marco’s ones sang by Gyakusatsu.


Marbre Negre.



New release of Gyakusatsu (Cassette), the most Power Electronics release of the band until the moment. It includes a version of a song of Esplendor Geométrico (B side song “Mechanism”). This release is an overview of sadism and the mechanized society that surrounds us. Excellent artwork made by Desirée. First tape of the Romanian label.


Mask of the Slave.

Human Schmerzen Chapter 1.


Gyakusatsu and Herpes (The Church's sin).

-8 Songs shattering sound Noise and Industrial. It deals with abuses of the Church throughout history, primarily children breaches.



Gyakusatsu "The Feast".


Music tape release limited to 10 copies including a live song recorded on Porno Gore Garri Extreme Fest IV on 28th January 2011. B side's song "The recongnition" was recorded on Marbre Negre’s studio between february/march 2011.This release is based on William S.Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. The cover drawing has been made by the artist and musician Arnau Sala. Artwork by Òscar and Desirée.





Gyakusatsu and Nundata "Crescent Psyche"


Release comes in special package: black and green spray-painted CDr packed in luxury metallized green paper. Each copy comes with an info sheet and an artwork cut from a Japanese manga (each one is different).

3 Gyakusatsu songs, 2 Nundata songs and one track in collaboration. More than 50 minutes of pure harsh noise.

Very Toxic series T+030.
Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies.


Toxic Industries

Gyakusatsu and Hinyouki "Hikume"


Year:2011. Label: Marbre Negre. Price: 7 € + 1,5 € shipping. Music tape release limited to 50 copies. Human Schmerzen Chapter 2. 8 songs between experimental and noise styles. It is based upon an odd sexual practice. "Hikume" is the japanese word for low ball shot in baseball. In this case it refers to the practice of rubbing oneself’s v****a with the baseball bat. Artwork by Hinyouji.


Gyakusatsu "Aire Solemne"


Label: Mattoid Records. Price: 6€ + 1,5 shipping. Cdr. Deep of the traditional concept of Power Electronics, "Aire solemne" is composed by 7 songs with lyrics in Spanish and Catalan. Fans of Slogun, Control, and Grunt will surely like this work.

Gyakusatsu/Fagus "Bloodstains".


Gyakusatsu and Fagus split release containing 21 minutes of noise and Power electronics. 3" Cdr in dvd case. 20 copies edition: 10 in black cd color and 10 in red stained in real blood. Limited to 20 copies.

Vacilo The Cock / Gyakusatsu - "Split"


New Spanish Project vs. Old National Project in a infamous, dirty and torn recording of brutal harshnoise on both sides. Recorded at C15 unmastered. Direct sound, imperfect and uncensored. Two different covers in an edition of 34 copies.

No digital sound, no samples...


Mattoid Records


Marbre Negre

Now available the new edition of the project noise / power electronics GYAKUSATSU, with work based on the second world war. The hardest job so far, harsh noise with touches of power electronics. Intense, hypnotic, heartbreaking ... Fanzine minimalist presentation with photos that suggest to the listener, along with the music Gyakusatsu vision on genetic experiments conducted in Nazi concentration camps (KZ). Limited of 40 copies.


Gyakusatsu and Carlos Villena "Harmonices Mundi". The release is divided in 5 parts (part I by Gyakusatsu/ part II by Carlos Villena/ parts III, IV & V split between the bands). Excellent combination between the styles of both bands, noisy textures in an ambiental atmosphere. Harmonices Mundi is based upon the Johannes Kepler's theory of the universal movements according to geometrical models and musical scales, retaking the old topic of the celestial spheres and its universal music.


Marbre Negre

8 Amazing songs based upon Kaula Vama Marg Ritual. Ritual - Industrial music.Limited to 66 copies in A5 cardboard case. 3 songs by Nox 210, 4 by Gyakusatsu and 1 song by both bands.

When the sun turns red or is said to be drinking the blood of the goddess, or "perforated the highest form of cunnilingus," the expression used in a secret review of the Rite of Kaula Vama Marg. 


Marbre Negre

Gyakusatsu “Psychosomatic sex” 5 songs recorded using the no input mixing technique with analogic pedals. 90 minutes of harsh and pervert noise. Cardboard box cassette edition limited to 13 copies including a sticker. 5 canciones grabadas usando la técnica del no input mixing, con pedales analógicos. 90 minutos de harsh noise pervertido. Edición de cassette en caja de cartón, limitado a a 13 copias. Incluye una pegatina.


Gyakusatsu “Dios es un ser” 12 songs about the Devil, the Ancient Testament, Surrealism and the novel unkie by William Burroughs. 60 minutes of harsh noise and power electronics. Jewel box cassete edition limited to 20 copies.


Gyakusatsu new material. 4 song of harsh noise. Single Sided, C90 . Cover Stéphane Kerandel. No compromises. Recorded directly from the mixer, unmastered. Recorded for 8EMINIS. Ultra limited.


Gyakusatsu new material. 2 song of harsh noise. Vinyl 5", Stereo .Limited Edition of 5.  Artwork of Stéphane Kerandel. Two minutes per side. Violent, aggressive, death ...


The Project will consist in creating a serie of Cd’s or Cassettes under the name of Human Schmerzen (the human pain), in which Gyakusatsu will make collaborations with friend or related bands, always a guest band plus Gyakusatsu; all the cd’s will be published in a limited serie under Marbre Negre label in a special edition. Each collaboration, a part from the general title of the serie, will have specifically a title that will be related to the topic of the release. The topic will be based in some of the pain forms in which human beings are or can be submitted to. After the name of “Human Schmerzen” there will also appear the name of the two involved bands. The Cd’s or Cassette won’t be a split, they will be collaborations between both bands. - Human Schmerzen Chapter 3 (Gyakusatsu and Grassa Dato) “Fagofobia” Cassette C-45. Limited to 25 copies. Presented in black cardboard box with five insert and badget. Design by Grassa Dato. The release moves between experimental noise and ambient noise. Disturbing and unsettling music... Fagofobia (Phagophobia) is a psychogenic dysphagia, a fear of swallowing.It is expressed in various swallowing complaints without any apparent physical reason detectable by physical inspection and laboratory analyses. An obsolete term for this condition is choking phobia,but it was suggested that the latter term is confusing and it is necessary to distinguish the fear of swallowing (i.e., of the propulsion of bolus) from fear of choking. Phagophobia is classified as a specific phobia and according to DSM-IV classification it belongs to the category of "other phobias". Phagophobia may lead to (and be confused with) fear of eating, and the subsequent malnutrition and weight loss. In milder cases a phagophobe eats only soft and liquid foods

Gyakusatsu "Fallen". Craneal Fracture Records.


Grabado durante agosto de 2015 en Marbre Negre estudios.

1.- No conscience. Ruido, texto y voz Òscar.

2.- No future. Ruido Òscar.

3.- Fallen. Ruido original Disciples du Chaos. Manipulación, texto y voz Òscar.


Limited edition in white screen-printed black cardboard box and sealed in gold (10 first copies) and red. Handmade numbered. Vinyl Style CD.


Deep of the traditional concept of Power Electronics, "Aire solemne II -"Death"-" is composed by 9 songs with lyrics in Spanish and Catalan. Fans of Slogun, Control, and Grunt will surely like this work.

Gyakusatsu & AnonymousMasturbaudioum “Amor Asfixiante” Split.

C50 & 3”Cd. Plus two stickers. Power Electronics. HNW. Limnited 30.

Side a: Gyakusatsu “El día del Señor”

Side b: AnonymousMasturbaudioum “Orgasmo sofocante

3”Cd : Gyakusatsu & AnonymousMasturbaudioum “Amor torturado”

HNM Records is proud to present All You Need Is Death, Death Is All You Need, a split album by Gyakusatsu and Harsh Noise Movement.

TT#56 Spalttonband #11 Flutwacht / Gyakusatsu C40 ltd. 25

Gyakusatsu / JSH – Split (OR078)

Brutal split between spanish Noise/Power Electronics outfit Gyakusatsu and Swedish Harsh Noise menace JSH. Make noise harsh again!